Polish Security Printing Works S.A.

We have been providing graphic design services for Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. since 2018.

During this time, we have prepared a series of materials promoting PWPW products. Among other things, we have made a graphic design of the stand dedicated to the prestigious “Congress 590” trade fair.

PWPW S.A. (Polish Security Printing Works S.A.) is a state-owned company. The company produces banknotes, documents, secure prints and IT systems.

Since 2006 the company is on the list of manufacturers accredited by the European Central Bank to produce euro banknotes.

The main seat of PWPW S.A. is located in the building at Romana Sanguszki 1 in Warsaw, built in the years 1926-1929.

Polish Electricity Association

For Polski Komitet Energii Elektrycznej (Polish Electricity Association) we have created a number of advertising projects for prestigious newspapers and magazines, such as:

The Financial Times


The Economist

The ads were published in large editions with a worldwide coverage.

At the same time, we prepared a series of printed materials such as brochures, reports, leaflets.

Projects for PKEE were carried out in cooperation with and on behalf of Partner of Promotion.


PKP CARGO S.A. is serviced under a cooperation agreement, which includes ongoing graphic services for the company. In our work we try to ensure that the quality of our services is at the highest level. We put a lot of effort and commitment to ensure that the speed and efficiency in the implementation of individual projects will satisfy our client.

The satisfaction with our work can be proved by the obtained references, for the previous period of our cooperation. We will make every effort to ensure that the next references are equally good.


For Sante we had the opportunity to create product catalogues dedicated to printing. The publications were prepared by us in a new, fresh layout – rich in color and visually attractive.

While designing the composition we wanted to achieve a high quality aesthetics of the project and preserve the space and “breath”, which is often a problem in publications of this type, where the number of products can overwhelm the recipient, if not properly exposed.

“Sante is a Polish company, which was established in 1992 as a family business, from the beginning setting trends in the healthy food market. The mission of the company is contained in its name – the French word Sante means ‘health’. It is a special care to provide consumers with food that has the most beneficial effect on health.” – source: Sante.pl website

Nestlé Polska

We have been working for Nestlé Polska continuously since November 2014. The scope of our work so far has mainly included graphic design of materials with small and large printing area:

  • designs of leaflets
  • posters
  • promotion walls
  • folders
  • brochures
  • webgraphics
  • gadgets

We also regularly create a newsletter, programmed to be sent in HTML.

Nestlé, while being satisfied with our work, has provided us with relevant references, which you can read below.

Program dla Szkół

The “School Programme” is an EU project which follows on from the two programmes: “School Milk” and “School Fruit and Vegetables”, which constitute a single action from the school year 2017/2018. Within the framework of the ‘School Programme’ coordinated by the National Agricultural Support Centre, native producers regularly supply fruit, vegetables and milk and milk products to children.

An important element of promotional and educational activities is Chrumas – an animated character who presents the principles of healthy eating to children in a funny way. He can be seen on the Internet on the School Programme portal and on the YouTube channel ” School Programme”. The main goal of the promotional activities is to increase the recognition of the program and build awareness of parents about their role in shaping proper eating habits of children. – source: pamietnikchrumasa.pl website

At the request of Partner of Promotion agency we had the opportunity to work on the campaign project, under which we produced a series of promotional materials, including, among others:

  • posters
  • social media posts
  • mailing
  • calendar
  • – notebook – printed and dedicated for children all over Poland, hardbacked notebook with an eraser! 🙂
  • And other promotional materials…

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the projects here and on the website.


As part of the “Explore the benefits of the grain diet” campaign, we created a creative line, which was the leading graphic motif of all campaign projects, including a series of advertisements and infographics dedicated to the press.

Additionally, we designed and implemented a special section called “Campaign Blog” on the KFPZ home page (http://kfpz.pl/), which was used to communicate the activities carried out within the project.

Our task was to create identification and visually attractive graphics, which will present the subject of grain types and their properties in various food products available on the market in an easy way.

Embassy of Israel

As part of the “Open a door to Israel” campaign we have prepared a series of graphic designs promoting the event in Poland. The scope of work covered, among others, the preparation of advertising and invitation projects as well as the design and production of a subpage devoted to this unusual exhibition organized in Warsaw.

Forum Czystości

We have been cooperating with the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Cleanliness for over five years. We deal with the setting and production of the quarterly “Forum Czystości”.


For Kenmix we have made a new company logo as an element of visual identification.

Additionally, we built a new company website. The website presents both information about the company, bringing closer the scope of its activities and history. The website also provides information about the type of services and products that the company offers in its portfolio.

Kenmix is a Polish company with traditions. Its beginnings date back to 1999. Over 19 years they have enriched their offer with new products from the broadly understood category of industrial packaging and dry corrosion protection.