As part of the educational and promotional campaign “Odzyskaj. Korzystaj”, promoting the project “Waste Management System for the City of Poznań”, we have created a mobile application to make it easier for the residents of Poznań and its surroundings to manage waste. The application contains a collection of various types of waste divided into categories and also helps to assign waste to appropriate containers or selective waste collection points.

The project was carried out in cooperation with Partner of Promotion Sp. z o.o. agency, which was responsible for the implementation of the whole promotion campaign.

The mobile application was designed for Android and iOS systems. It was created on the basis of the content management system (CMS), which allows to edit its content and create new content.

We encourage you to familiarize with the prepared projects. Click below to see the application in places of its distribution.

Akademia Czerniaka

For our client, as part of the “Akademia Czerniaka” (melanoma academy) campaign, we made a dedicated contest application. The application was designed to be implemented within the social network Facebook and was embedded on the Fan Page profile of “Akademia Czerniaka”.

The application itself had a form of a competition for participants, in which they answered predefined questions. The contest lasted for several days, and every day at a certain time another question was published, to which the participants could respond.

The subject of the campaign is serious and was to increase the awareness of the audience of the threats posed by this serious disease and the lack of prophylaxis and diagnostic tests carried out earlier.

NATURTECH wooden houses

Naturtech company, dealing with construction of year-round wooden houses, ordered us to prepare a unique visual identity and a website that fully presents the company’s offer. Creating the identification of the company we wanted to emphasize the reference to nature, which undoubtedly occurs in the case of wooden houses. Colors and elements of iconography are to refer to the ecology and technology of built houses, and the very construction of the logotype is to emphasize the scalability and modularity of offered solutions.

The website was supposed to be clear and at the same time provide the user with necessary information quickly and without too complicated structure. Thanks to this, the most important content is available immediately after entering the site, and if you need to get to know the offer in more detail, everything has been organized into appropriate categories.